Economic Development Projects

Greetings neighbors,

Development is coming to our district.  We can make sure that the people in the district have a voice in terms of what it will be.  The economy is unknown because of the pandemic.  However, there are 4 projects, listed below, that were being considered, and to my knowledge, are still being considered, they are:

Jones Manor Subdivision

The gated Jones Manor Subdivision to be located on Cedar Grove Road across from the Parks at Cedar Grove Rd. will include about 65 luxury homes from $800K to $1M, plus retail and hopefully a health food supermarket (Whole Foods or Trader Joes). Prior to the COVID-19 virus, it was in the due diligence phase of development.

Campbellton Historic Crossroads Village

The City of South Fulton is partnering with the City of Chattahoochee Hill to establish a mixed-use development (residential and commercial) around Campbellton/Fairburn Road (Hwy 92) intersecting Cascade Palmetto Hwy and also SR166, the gateway to Douglas County. There is history in both cities Meaningful community input will be included in the project. Transportation will also be included in the plan. A company was selected to develop a master plan for the project. Some of the community has been engaged. Some are okay with the project and others are not. It is a long-range plan because sewer and other infrastructure items do not exist. Hopefully, in the end, it will be quality, what the people in the area want and will be strategy focused.

The cities of South Fulton and Chattahoochee Hills want your input on the revitalization of the historic Campbellton Crossroads village. Please visit the following websites for more information on The Campbellton Crossroads Master Plan.

Butner Road

Forty acres was purchased to build luxury homes. More details later.

Cedar Grove Road & South Fulton Parkway

Located on 72 acres will be a mixed-use development that includes an assisted living facility, medical clinic, Age 55+ homes, townhomes, an apartment building, retail, and restaurants (not fast food). It has to go through a development review impact (DRI) process with ARC that has impacted the developer’s timeline. They should have known about the process earlier to keep the project on the initial timeline.

Link To Site Plan

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