The City of South Fulton met with Union City as shared in the article below but later we found out that negotiation was not what we anticipated. To be continued!

In 'Cancer Alley,' a renewed focus on systematic racism is too late


September 2020 will be two years since the dump on Bishop Road began to burn.  For months emissions emit from the site rather than burning.  the air is still being polluted and residents are suffering.  The problem has not gone away and is not resolved.  We are still working on it and will update you soon. We are vetting professionals to prepare an assessment.


I’ve become tired of counting the number of warehouses that are being built close to the City of South and those built before we became a city.  In Athens “houses are next to a nuclear power plant.  I am sure there are other areas with environmental justice issues.  We are still working on a solution.

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They continue to be built in other cities that surround our city and near/next to residential property and schools in our city.  The chickens come home to roost so one day there will be a solution.  It is up to you and I and anyone concerned to address it. Negotiation is always a possibility if it meets the needs of everyone in an equitable way.  If that isn’t possible then there has to be a discussion regarding what is!

Warehouses As an Environmental Issue: Click here to learn more!

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