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It is important to understand the political environment. 

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"A political machine is a political group in which an authoritative boss or small group commands the support of a corps of supporters and businesses (usually campaign workers), who receive rewards for their efforts."

"Political machines are characterized by a disciplined and hierarchical organization, reaching down to neighborhood and block organizers, that enables the machine to respond to the problems of individual neighborhoods, or even families, in exchange for loyalty at the polls. The term refers to their ability to elect candidates or enact measures with mechanical efficiency and predictably.

Organizers who "deliver" the votes are often rewarded with patron jobs. However, patronage can result in poorer service to the citizens because appointees may be neither qualified for their jobs nor interested in performing them. Control of both elective and appointed posts also gives a machine control of government salaries and revenues, which can be used to enrich the party at the public's expense. For example, the machine may accept donations or kickbacks from businesses in return for such favors as tax or zoning concessions or the award of lucrative public-works contracts.  In some cities, machine business dealings have included accepting money from organized-crime syndicates in exchange for protection from legal interference.

Although the primary goal of a political machine is keeping itself in power rather than providing good government, machines have been responsible for restructuring city governments to centralize authority, improving facilities and services, helping to assimilate immigrant groups, and encouraging the growth of business and industry.

Supporters of political machines say that they "work" and that consolidating power in the hands of a boss, like Mayor Richard J (1902-76) guarantees city governments the power and authority that they need to cope with urban problems effectively. However, because political machines in such cities as Boston, Philadelphia, New York, Pittsburgh, Chicago, and Kansas City have also been responsible for many abuses of power, the term carries a pejorative sense."

Click Here: Georgia senator among those subpoenaed in tax break abuse probe.


August – Community Day –Planting, EJ, Health Fair & Back to School
September – Workers on the Move – Virtual Meeting
October – District 4 Art Contest - Virtual
November –Economic Development Tour - Virtual
December – Holiday Celebration – to be determined when, where and how

For important City Notices, Services, Community Updates, and Events visit:

Contact the Citizen Response Center: 470-552-4311 (24 Hour Line) COSF 311

Contact Police Non-Emergency: 470-809-7300

Contact Animal Control: Click here to report roadkill/dead animals or call: 470-552-4311








The NLC CoO, focuses on the social determinants of health such as those listed below.

Programs and other initiatives are designed to close equity gaps that exist.


A. Agriculture – Keep It Alive – Improve Our food desert

  1. Engage citizens in all efforts related to agriculture.
  2. Preserve agricultural land using conservation and other tools.
  3. Expand agriculture to minimize food deserts and create healthy food option through additional food production and sales to citizens at farmers markets, grocery stores and restaurants.
  4. Expand the agricultural curriculum at a Charter School to use as a model for other schools in the city.
  5. Develop community gardens on an unbuildable parcel in every subdivision in the city.

B. Environment - Protect it – Clean Air is a Right

  1. Engage citizens in all efforts that protects the environment.
  2. Preserve the natural environment by protecting it from environmental stressors that endangers life and creates health inequity.
  3. Update zoning regulations to address safety and aesthetics of the built environment, street continuity and connectivity and residential density,
  4. Increase accessibility of broadband, sidewalks, trails and lighting for all citizens.

C. Economic Development – The Built Environment Affects Your Health

  1. Engage citizens for economic development that is planned and that comes before the city zoning boards.
  2. Establish, where feasible, economic development projects that include incentives to attract mixed use development that includes green space.
  3. Ensure city plans, policies, practices and partnerships are strategic and attract healthy and equitable economic development, jobs, affordable housing and job training in areas of the city where needed.
  4. Develop partnerships to support equitable and healthy development
  5. Through NLC, the city hired Dr. Malikah Waajid, Epidemiologist, to obtain data and create a dashboard for the project.  We have had two convenings, learned a lot from other cities and are working on achieving the first phase of our three focus areas listed above.

“The City of South Fulton is in the process of rewriting the Zoning Ordinance previously referred to as the Zoning Resolution. The City’s goal is to develop a clear and user-friendly Zoning Ordinance that is consistent with adopted plans and policies, and reflects the changing environment. Emphasis will be placed on providing a more predictable set of land use regulations and improving the efficiency of the land development process.”.

Zoning Rewrite

The city’s zoning commission approved the zoning ordinance rewrite.

Click the links for each article that includes my comments

Article 1: General Provisions

Article 2: Use of Land

Article 3: Restrictions on Particular Uses

Article 4: Lot & Building Standards

Article 5: Overlay Districts

Article 6: Parking & Loading

Article 7: Sign Regulations

Article 8: Procedures & Permits

Article 9: Glossary

Article 10: Inactive Zoning Districts

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